Mounting Instructions

December 25, 2016

Mounting your Rusho Designs piece is straight forward, however some care must be taken to avoid unnecessarily damaging either your piece or your walls. 

Step 1) Make sure you know which side of the piece is the front which is the back. It doesn't hurt to confirm this by checking a map if you are unsure. The magnets will damage the paint so ensure you know which is which. 

Step 2) Rusho Designs pieces are magnetically mounted as opposed to directly mounted with hardware of some form. Two 35 lbs strength magnets are included with two counter sunk screws. Included in the magnet packaging are plastic seperators and a metal backing. These two can be discarded. REMINDER: DO NOT LET THE MAGNETS TOUCH THE FRONT OF THE PIECE.

Step 3) The magnets also come with an adhesive friction disc the same diameter as the magnet. Keep these aside as you'll need them after you've screwed the magnets to the wall. 

Step 4)The magnets are best mounted along a horizontal plane on your wall. With someone's help, one person hold the piece up to the wall where it is to be mounted, the other mark with a pencil on the wall where the magnets are to be mounted. Try holding the piece from the two points you intend to mount the magnets to test the balance. 

Step 5) Using a screw driver,  and the included counter sunk screws: screw the magnets into your wall. 

Step 6) Pull the backing off of the adhesive friction strips and stick them to your magnets. 

Step 7) Carefully hold your piece up to the magnets and let it snap into place. 

Care for your piece: If you are mounting near a door where vibrations can travel through the wall you should glue your piece to the magnet to take extra care that over time your piece doesn't fall. 

Please mount your piece out of reach of children and above shoulder height if mounting in a room where the piece could be knocked or bumped. If this is the intended location please glue your piece to the magnet.