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Our Story

The story of Rusho Designs doesn’t begin with canoe trips, cottage turn off roads missed and found, morning dips, mosquito bites, love illuminated under the stars or outdoor summer meals enjoyed with family and friends. Although all those things are there along the way.

The story of Rusho Designs begins with a three generation, family owned, conveyor business based in Port Hope, ON, supporting Canadian made and Canadian paid jobs. Our entire collection of profiles is manufactured and designed in Port Hope, and sourced entirely by Canadian made product and material (with the exception of our Lee Valley magnets, which originate overseas as there currently are no Canadian manufactured pot/cup magnets available.)

Bronwyn and Ted, found Rusho Bay, off Grindstone Island in the Thousand Islands by chance on a summer trip, and is the inspiration behind the name. However, the passion for maps has been a constant. The intricacies of our Canadian shorelines, islands, inlets and lakes are what we try to capture in our design process for you to proudly display on your wall.  

We hope you’ll enjoy our profiles as much as we enjoy designing and making them.

The cottage is calling: Long for the Lake.