If you don't see your Rusho in our collection it could be that we haven't had the opportunity to design it yet. 

In some cases however, a more custom Rusho will fall into the commissions category. 

Some examples of commissions we've done in the past are: 

  • Small private lakes 
  • Islands 
  • Standard collection profiles with markings or personal messages on them

Typically commissions for a start at $500.00* for a 35" profile. That includes all the design time working with Ted, and revisions as well as any personal touches you would like to do for your profile. If you are interested in a commissioning your own Rusho, please contact Ted at,

Examples of some previous Rusho commissions, from left to right; Craigleith Hill (2018), Hay Island (2018) and Windward Islands (2019)