Amherst Island

Distinguishing Features:

Amherst Island, in Eastern Ontario. This soft curve, hand-drawn profile shows the accent of the distinct profile of Amherst Island. Price inclusive of shipping in Canada and does not include sales tax.

Rusho Countervail ($195)

The Rusho Countervail takes the original Rusho projection and condenses it to a more compact size, offset from the wall. Although not the most detailed version, this projection is striking in smaller spaces where an accent piece can thrive. Comes with a standard label of "Amherst Island" which can be customized for an additional fee.  Hung using screws and reciprocating keyholes on the countervail. Please get in touch with questions regarding personalization of your Countervail. Please note: Interior islands are not part of this projection.

17"W x 14"H x 1"

The Rusho 120 ($350)

The flagship profile of Rusho Designs. Rusho 120's measure a perimeter of 120 inches. Powder-coated in matte black on locally sourced 16th of an inch (16 gauge) carbon steel and magnetically mounted to your wall with countersunk, rare-earth, premium iridium magnets. Rusho 120's have an uncompromised level of shoreline detail, accuracy and fidelity.

Learn More about the process of installing your Rusho with magnets here.

35" W x 23" H 

The Winter Rusho ($600)

Two layers of engineered to fit, angled steel form the Winter Rusho. It's unique aesthetic is inspired by the look of freshly fallen snow in late December contrasted with dark open water, this Rusho is a softer complement to your room.

The label on the Winter Rusho can be customized to your preference.

All designs are the sole copyright of Rusho Designs and Ted Gorsline. Images and designs may not be used without the expressed written consent of Rusho Designs.

30" W x 25" H 

© Rusho Designs / Ted Gorsline 2019



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